About us

As we all know, apart from work, our homes are where we spend the majority of our time. And people like yourselves are always looking for tips and inspiration to improve their own. This is where we come in!

For a number of years now, we have been writing and filming for various forms of media, providing tips, tricks and guides on how you could make your home more unique and suited to your taste. We have now decided to start this blog as a new way of outreaching our knowledge to you, our loyal followers. As well as the usual tips and helpful guides, we’ll also be writing about products and services that we’ve tried and tested, and that we feel would benefit quite a few of you out there.

So we hope that you stick with us throughout our journey here, and that you’ll find our pieces insightful and helpful. Should you have any questions, queries, or maybe even suggestions of something we could write about or review, don’t be afraid to drop us a message via our ‘Reach Us’ page!