The Art of Photography: Bringing Life to Pictures

Photography is an interesting yet tough art. Anyone can grab a best trail camera 2018 and take pictures but it takes a lot of effort, the eye for photography, brushed up skill, perfect timing and a lot of other factors to make that picture a perfect one.

Our life is like a movie made up of endless images. Every single day we experience different moments and see different places. Right from the moment we open our eyes and start the day to the moment we close our eyes and sleep, our whole day is filled with lots and lots of images, scenes and views. These images, scenes, and views keep changing constantly every single day and give us moments to remember. Photography is the art through which we can preserve these moments and the special images or scenes which we see and experience.

It is a very astonishing fact that we see almost 200 pictures every day. We see these pictures on the television, social media and in advertisement posters pasted around the places we visit. Each picture signifies something in particular and is a visual representation of some information for us.

Even thou these pictures speak to us but not every picture is so expertly taken that it makes us feel as if we are experiencing the moment portrayed in that picture in real life. Bringing life to the pictures we take is not an easy job but it is not impossible. There are many techniques and equipment available in the highly advanced world of today which one can use to improve the quality of their pictures.

There are several cameras available in the market which one can buy. These cameras are made especially for specific purposes and along with these cameras, there are multiple add-on equipment and tools including, different types of lenses and flashlight add-ons too. In addition to this, there are many software applications including the most famous one which is Photoshop which allows you to improve the pictures you take. This software helps you to improve the picture quality, edit and enhance the colors of the picture, brighten or sharpen the image and remove any unwanted bits from the pictures. This software also provides you with easy to use tools which can be used to transform a random ordinary and boring picture into a beautiful, stunning and magnificent work of art.

Photography Hacks for Perfect Pictures

Everyone likes to take pictures and preserve those beautiful moments in life which we don’t ever want to forget and relive them again and again. But we are not always successful in taking good pictures and end up feeling sad because we were not able to capture some really good memories. Moments are not always planned and let’s be real you cannot hire a professional photographer to be by your side so here are a few hacks, tips and tricks which can help you to take some perfect pictures and save the most beautiful and memorable moments in your life.

    Turn the Flash of the Camera Off

There are many cameras which we use which are designed in such a way that the flash pops up every time we take a picture. In some cases, this causes the picture to look blurry instead of enhancing the light or making it look good. By setting the flash of your camera to auto, you will not be able to get good pictures and in most of them the people will either be blurred or get red eyes. Keep the flash setting to manual and try to keep it off most of the times. Only turn the flash on in the places where you feel there is less light.

    Try the natural light of the sun

If you are taking pictures at daytime, what can be better than using the natural light of the sun? One of the best and natural pictures can be taken by utilizing the light of the sun. Simply stand in such a way that the sunlight is falling on your subject from behind you. This focuses the light on your subject and you can take a beautiful and natural picture with just the right amount of brightness. You must remember to keep your flash off while taking pictures in the sun otherwise, you will turn your subject into a ghost or a ball of light.

    Go Close

It is a general concept that you have to step back away from your subject to take a good picture but in this way we mostly face the issue that the pictures we take are out of focus and even blurry. Try to stand close to your subject and let the camera focus on them. Once the camera has focused the subject, the other things in the picture will automatically be a little blurred giving focus to your subject and you will take a better picture.

    Don’t use Zoom

Another mistake which most of us do while taking pictures is we stand far off and then use the camera zoom and end up with either a blurry pic or distorted pixels. Try to get closer to your subject in person and avoid the use of zoom to get a better picture.

Reduce the mess in the backgrounds

One simple hack to take a better picture of your subject is to choose a simpler and more basic background to put the focus on your subject and not the mess in the background. This one is a huge hack which adds a big difference to the picture you take. It looks more decent, organized and cleaner.

    Perspective Matters

Do you always take pictures by placing the camera in front of your face or at arm’s length? Try to take pictures by giving it perspective. This can simply be done by changing the position of your camera. Want to show something taller or elevated? Try taking the picture by placing the camera closer to the ground and tilting it upwards. If you want to show depth, try taking the picture by positioning your camera higher.